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Mounting competitive and shareholder pressures in several industries has seen increasing focus on planning and managing for growth. Diverse customers are conducting business in multiple geographies, buying multiple products and services via multiple channels, while continuing to expect total transparency. As products and services become radically more complex, globalization, consolidation and increasing focus on competitiveness are driving the need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

Process and software reengineering and improvement cannot be achieved by technology alone, and requires the integration of people, process, and information. This can be accomplished by linking strategy, domain and process knowledge with technology and business intelligence expertise. The solution lies in "simplification", which does not imply simple, but refers to removal of complexity.

Protogenist Consulting offers Performance Management, Process Improvement Consulting and Customer Relationship Management solutions to its Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Healthcare and other clients. Our services provide in-depth insights to increase and improve process and performance across the organization, driving the move from reactive to pro-active management.

Our Consultants aim to create breakthrough business process performance through our strong architecture and design which ensures business alignment and reduce downstream development and deployment risks. Our business analysts, architects, usability experts and six sigma consultants analyze and (re)design business processes and the underlying applications, apply six sigma methodologies, and implement instrumentation for business monitoring/business intelligence.

Most consulting engagements we undertake employ a multi-disciplinary team, comprised of domain and functional, Six Sigma process improvement, business intelligence, and technology/architecture experts. We focus on providing a 360 degree assessment and solution to any business problem by eliminating the 'silo' approach to problem resolution. This includes the linkage of objectives to action and ensuring compliance.

  • Understand the business problems/objectives
  • Review the current state process, organization structure, technology architecture and underlying information metrics
  • Utilize a 'Toolkit of Best Practices' leveraged from domain and process experts along with data gathered from the transactional/operational systems
  • Develop a desired state vision of process, organization, technology and metrics

Standardization of processes by consistently defining products, markets, channels and metrics.


Consolidation of processes and integration of data sources to allow sharing of information.


Automation of processes and data collection procedures that do not involve the rewriting of all systems.


Elimination of non-value enhancing activities, optimally using the analysts time for analysis rather than data collection.

We help align business strategies, people, process and technology to deliver operational and business-level benefits. We offer customized solutions and tailor the process, technology and resources to fit the needs and culture of different organizations.

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