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The advent in technology has paved the way for electronics to make products intelligent and compact and has strongly impacted automotives, consumer electronics, mobiles and industrial products. The industry has progressed to the convergence of different media providing unique experience to the consumer. Being an industry which focuses on innovation and enriched user experience, the continuously evolving industry standards pose additional challenges in selecting the ideas and technologies to be nurtured.

Protogenist provides end-to-end services in the life cycle of an embedded product, from board design and OS porting to the application development and deployment. We have built and sustained end-to-end projects in Automotive Telematics, Consumer Electronics, Telecom Wireless Solution and Infotainment.

  • Partnership with specialized hardware / board designers who helps reduce time to market and achieve regulatory certifications
  • Reusable frameworks to develop applications, which reduces the time to market
  • A single stop solution provider in embedded systems

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