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Enterprise Architecture & Integration

Enterprise Architecture & Integration (EAI) refers to the integration and merging of applications and data from various new and legacy systems within an enterprise. It takes on an assembly approach quite distinct from the traditional 'from scratch' development, ensuring that applications are well positioned within a larger, end-to-end architectural framework.

Protogenist offers services ranging from analysis of systems and business processes, creation of IT architecture strategy and roadmaps to devising messaging standards and implementing complex integrations across core systems and channels. We also undertake technology evaluations and audit of existing technical architectures. Our skills, resources, experience and management provide a potent combination to ensure successful and cost-effective integration on an enterprise-wide scale.

Our services include
  • Integration process analysis
  • ROI analysis
  • Defining enterprise EAI strategy and roadmap
  • Designing EAI architecture
  • EAI technology evaluation and recommendation
  • Implementing EAI by interfacing existing applications, data and content sources to middleware (adapters, connectors, message enabling)
  • Roll out and deployment framework
  • Testing, maintenance and support of the application integration infrastructure

We work with technologies like Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), Process Automation, Workflow and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) from organizations such as IBM, TIBCO, webMethods and others.

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Increased ROI of current IT investments
  • Ease of accommodation of newer technologies

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