Citizen Centric Services


We help governments become more agile in delivering citizen-centric services and superior public value. We provide support to state, local, and provincial governments and enable them to use information technology (IT) to meet new and evolving challenges.

Government Health and Family Services

We help public health and family services providers upgrade their IT capabilities and manage costs while maintaining compliance with ever-changing regulations. We leverage our expertise to help our clients lower total program costs while increasing the effectiveness, performance, and quality of care provided to recipients. We process claims based on eligibility and settle claims through the system.

Homeland Security and Public Safety Services

We offer government innovative Enterprise Virtual Operations Center capabilities. Our solutions allow governments to share information across multiple agencies and levels swiftly and securely in a virtual environment during times of threat and crisis.

IT Outsourcing/Enterprise-Wide Solutions

We deploy and manage complex, large-scale government IT programs by delivering state-of-the-art networking solutions that provide secure, universal access to information. Our end-to-end solutions for governments improve performance across the enterprise, boosting efficiency, increasing service quality, and often reducing costs.

E-Government Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions in e-Government. We deliver everything from new electronic licensing, permitting, and smart ticketing solutions to secure electronic data storage. We promote information sharing and protect citizen privacy through our services. We provide complete suite of Business Intelligence services for huge government data warehouse platforms.

By eliminating boundaries, collaborating in new ways, and continually seeking improvement, we help governments at all levels connect, protect, and serve citizens better than ever before.

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