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Life Sciences

Changing government regulations, growing data volumes, patent expiry, reporting and compliance standards, etc. are some of the challenges faced by Life Sciences industry. Cost-effective and customized solutions are the need of the day.

At Protogenist, we understand the technology landscape, and provides solutions that can quickly build a competitive edge by reducing time to market for innovation.

Applications Services

Protogenist' strong presence in Life Sciences is spread in diverse areas like analytical instrumentation, compliance standards, algorithm development, combinatorial chemistry informatics, visualization tools, micro array analysis and plant genomic data analysis. The unique 'Virtual Extension' outsourcing model of Protogenist brings to the customer a complete offshore suite of services in a secure environment that ensures confidentiality.

Device drivers and algorithms for Life Sciences instruments

We design and develop front-end applications to control the micro array experiments, develop algorithms for noise reduction and image management, develop device drivers for the Micro arrays, and do automated testing for the micro array applications.

Custom applications for analytical instruments

We develop embedded solutions for medical equipments and analytical instruments, device driver development, enhancement/reengineering of applications, instrument integration services, and automated testing for existing applications.

Biological data capture, warehousing and management

Some of the services provided in this area include Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) for building data warehouses, data replication, data synchronization, cleansing and migration of databases and enterprise application integration through a data approach.

Compliance services

Our established set of services provide compliance to the various pharma applications.

Tool development for agricultural biotechnology data analysis

Our offerings include design and development of applications to support the existing bioinformatics' tools and frameworks, maintenance of applications and databases, development and maintenance of Lotus Notes based applications, application development of hand-held devices for crop breeders and web enabling the existing applications.

Clinical trial data management

Our Clinical Data Management System and Document Management System store the data securely. We develop software to store the document in the database and also provide solutions for automating the handling of SOPs.

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