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Travel & Hospitality

Resource and cost optimization, shifting trade routes, complex networks, changing regulatory requirements are some of the challenges faced by Transportation and Logistics industry. Companies looking to build a robust business are leveraging technological advances to increase automation and improve efficiency.

Protogenist brings in strong domain knowledge in the Transportation and Logistics industry through our strong experience in Applications, Business Processes, and Infrastructure services.

If improved brand presence, alternative and cheaper cruise routes are a few of the key challenges that hospitality industry faces internally, reined travel expenditure, cautious traveler outlook, availability of cheaper alternatives from the consumer viewpoint poses further challenge. Maintaining rate while still offering value for money remains the key focus for Travel and Hospitality industry.

Our motto to work with various clients in the Travel industry as a partner in their IT journey to design, develop and support their mission-critical IT systems by leveraging our cost-effective, customer centric engagement models. With an excellent understanding of our customer needs and market dynamics, we help you transform your IT systems to improve customer service and reduced costs.

  • Car shopping and Reservations
  • Fleet Management
  • Rate Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Global Distribution Systems
  • Rental counters
  • Back-office
Applications Services
Protogenist has extensive experience in the Transportation & Logistics industry and provides the following services

  • Application Modernization
  • Application Development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Testing
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Packaged ERP applications
  • 24x7 Support Services

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